Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Doctor's Appointment that Changed Everything!

It was time for our physicals, (Ron's and mine) and I wasn't expecting the news I would get.  All of my "numbers" were higher than ever, but the A1C is the one that got my attention.  This number depicts sugar levels over a 3-month period.

Diabetics should keep that number around 6.6.  Mine was 11.8My wonderful doctor who looks a little like Doogie Houser had a very serious look on his face.  I knew this wasn't good.

Right then and there, I vowed to him and myself, that I not only had to make a change, I was going to make a change.  That change wouldn't occur next week or on a Monday, like most of my changes occurred.  It was going to start that day and it did!  No looking back!

My plan ....

- Adhere to the new and better than ever Weight Watcher plan!
- Exercise!

Since "misery loves company", Ron was going on this journey with me.  He didn't know this at the time, but I'm so proud of him and his dedication which you will read more about later.


"Princess" Cheri?

My FATHER is the King of Kings, so I'm thinking that makes me a "Princess", right?

When Ron and I first retired to Florida, I asked the Lord to please give me sweet Girlfriends like the ones I had in Virginia after many years of living there.

Boy!  Did He ever!

My Girlies and I used to get together for lunch and games every month.  Because of the description above, we called our gatherings "Princess Parties". 

I presented each of the Princesses with a Tiara and shared what they meant to me and how the Lord brought them into my life.  I love those girls and can't imagine my life without them.  There's just something very special about a Girlfriend.  Agree?

That's me in the pink blouse and red boa.  Quite fashionable, wouldn't you say?  Also about 25 pounds heavier than I am today.

How It All Started

Hi, Everyone!
For most of my 65 years, I have struggled off and on with my weight.  I would be remiss if I didn’t confess that I’ve tried just about every diet plan out there.  While I had “many” successes, they were not to last.  I now know, it was because my motives for losing those pounds were for all the wrong reasons. 

As a teen, I wanted to look “cute” like many of my girlfriends and wear the latest fashions.  During early adulthood, my motives hadn’t changed much.  Looking good in clothes, feeling pretty, wanting to be like everyone else and not wanting to stand out negatively, weighed heavily on my mind.  (Pardon  the play on words.)  I don’t think those motives changed much over the years until January 2011.

Eating my way through the years had it’s price, most greatly evident in my health.  For the past 10 years, I have been on medication for high Blood Pressure and high Cholesterol AND was diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic.  Even with all those medications, my lifestyle changed very little until my last physical.  My doctor informed me that I was on the maximum dosage of oral medication for Diabetes and that if I didn’t make radical changes immediately, I would soon be on Insulin! 

FINALLY!  My doctor had my total and complete attention.  The thought of giving myself shots for a condition that I and I alone caused, was unbearable and humiliating to say the least.  I vowed that very moment that the word, “diet” would no longer be in my vocabulary.  That word, indicated that whatever I did to lose weight was a temporary fix and that the deprivation of sweets and fats wouldn’t last forever.  I knew, that I would have to make lifestyle changes.  No longer would my mantra be, “Live to Eat”.  From that point on, I would be “Eating to Live”.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. 

About Me

Hi, Everyone! 

My name is Cheri and I’m a Wife, Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma enjoying a new and healthy lifestyle and a 43-pound (+) weight loss, thanks to Weight Watchers

My “Bucket List” sports a lofty goal of walking and finishing the Disney Half Marathon in 2012.  I find this amazing since exercise has NEVER been a part of my life but at 65, I’m not only exercising, I’m enjoying it!  The best thing about good news is sharing it with others!  I love it when something wonderful happens to my family and friends, and they can’t wait to tell me all about it.  I’m as enthusiastic to hear all the details, as they are to share it.

Join me so I can share this ongoing journey with you and hopefully encourage you along the way.  I’m looking forward to blogging, and pray that I can be an encouragement to those who never thought they could do this.  I promise you - if I can do it so can you!